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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shutterfly House Party

I have been so busy with school and work, that I have not really had much time to plan any parties. My new career path has taken me to a bunch of really cool events, but working behind the scenes for other people. I have not really taken on any of my own events yet, but am up for some internships with planning companies. We will see where this road takes me. In the mean time, I was lucky enough to be selected to host my second House Party. This time the party was for Shutterfly. I absolutely love Shutterfly and have used it for years. I actually made my thank you cards from my wedding on Shutterfly. When I found out I was selected as a host, I was very excited as I knew the value of the party pack my guest would be getting. My party prize package came in the mail about a week before my party. Included in this package were balloons, tote bags, sample holiday cards, a dvd, Werther's chocolates and carmels', and prize codes for guests to order a free photo book and free christmas cards. I think I was selected to host this particular party because I have ordered photo books from Shutterfly in the past. The package also came with a little easel to display my books. Here are the ones I had made for my dad and mother-in-laws birthdays as gifts. You can also see, I had the dvd going in the background so people could learn about Shutterfly photo books if they wanted.

Here I hung the balloons they sent me with a pretty Christmas ribbon strung up with all of the wonderful sample cards that they sent for display.

Close up of the photo book covers. They were both for milestone birthday parties.

This party was supposed to set the tone for holiday gift giving, so I set out the ever popular Pottery Barn reindeer dessert plates. I love that whole line and try to pick up pieces after Christmas on sale.

Blurry picture, but just an example of the open house set up. I set up a little help yourself beverage and pastry area.

I was so busy helping people set up their shutterfly accounts, I did not take many party pictures. Here my sis checks out one of the books, while mom uploads pictures.

The card samples were so cute. I can't wait to put together my Christmas cards this year.

Everyone seemed to be getting into the process. I hope that everyone had a good time and will be able to make some cool gifts and cards for the holidays.

Everyone went home with a gift bag. House Party provides everything, so there is nothing for guest to do but try out the product. Each bag was filled with the party pack favors, along with directions on how to make a photo book and other helpful tips.
I can't wait to put together my photo books and I really can't wait until my next House Party!
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