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Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st Birthday Party UP!

So, I have been kind of lacking in my posts lately. Not that there have not been any parties, I just not have been the host. I thought I would get around to posting a couple of parties that were not hosted by me, but were super important and super cute just the same. (I may have assisted in a small part of the planning as well!)
First up, My nieces very First Birthday Party!!
Her parents wanted to go with a balloon theme, taking the idea from the movie UP! which has a character with the same name as my darling little niece.
Her mom did a great job of putting it all together.
Pictured above is baby girl in her 1st Birthday Diaper Cover. So Cute. The website Etsy was the provider of many of the items for the party, including the diaper cover, onesie and the adorable tutu she is wearing below. Awwwwww!

Adorable Birthday Tutu!!

You all know I am a big fan of making banners myself. For this party,her mom had already arranged for a friend of hers, who I believe sells on Etsy as well, to take on the project. She did a great job and they came out really well. My pictures are not the best. Hopefully you can see how she tied in the balloon theme.

A really nice touch at this first birthday party was the lovely photo montage that her parents put together. It was a nice look back at babies first year. It was accompanied by music and played on the tv during the party.

You can still get your party basics at good old Party City. Balloons and some balloon themed decor was quick and easy.


In keeping with the UP theme, we found some samples of making your cupcakes look like balloons. Cupcakes were ordered from my favorite Creative Cakes in Tinley Park. We added the ribbon to the bottom to create the look of balloons. With the extra cupcakes, we placed the pics that came with the banner package. They looked so cute and were delicious!


A big trend in first birthdays is the smash cake. Most bakeries will throw one in with a larger cake order. This one was supposed to have polka dots on it, but the squiggles kind of look like ribbon on a balloon. It was just the right size for baby to dig in and enjoy.

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

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